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Luciana Janson

Isn’t that great? In a nutshell, that is the translator’s work – and was also why I fell in love with the profession.

Twenty years ago, when I had just graduated from one of Brazil’s best universities, I was just starting out in my professional life. After a work placement in a small translation agency, I was then taken on as an in-house translator at a leading player on this market. After some years, I felt inside me a burning desire to venture into entrepreneurship, and then, together with some colleagues, established our very own translation company. However, in a short time it dawned on me that my real cup of tea was to work on a freelance basis: this brings a lifestyle which allows me to dedicate myself to what I best know how to do, something that makes me happy and also keeps my clients satisfied.

My name is Luciana Janson and I would now like to invite you to get to know more about me and about my work in the sections that follow. Join me on this ride!



Anyone who is not familiar with the translation market tends to get taken by surprise at the sheer scope of it. Remember the instructions for that pill that you take when you get that annoying headache? And what about the user manual of your smartphone? It is highly probable that both these were translated material. This is also the case with that board game that you would play with your friends, from hours on end, on countless afternoons during your holidays; that incredible news report with your favorite singer, that came out in a blog; the travel guide that you used during your last holidays; the packaging of your deodorant – and many other things that never even cross one’s mind.

However, this host of possibilities also brings a serious limitation: the fact that is utterly impossible for one single translator to handle and translate any kind of text. Consider my case: I have worked with texts in many fields, but I identify myself most with the areas mentioned below. So check it out!

Click on each icon to see some examples of types of documents common to each area:

Travel & Tourism






Are you unsure about how to classify your text? Would you like to establish a partnership, even though your area is different? Have no fear, my dear: let’s talk.

(English to Portuguese)

In the areas listed above. Everything done with utmost care!

(English to Portuguese)

To make sure that the text does indeed bring out the intended meaning.

Copy Editing

You worked hard and will want your final text to be tidy and perfect.

(English to Portuguese)

I give a final touch to your text, so that it fully satisfies the target audience.

Translation PT>EN
(Portuguese to English)

For some kinds of documents. Please contact me to find out more!

Terminology Management

Does your company deal with specific terminology? I organize this for you.


Career Development

I am very curious and love to study, and for this reason one of the great advantages of my chosen profession is that this is a job that allows me to do this all day long. On top of having solid knowledge in my specialities, knowledge amassed over many years, I also need to be well informed about new developments in each sector – and also, of course, the new developments in language.

And the courses and conferences I attend help me with this task.

Please click on each button below for further details.


Perguntas frequentes


Are you a sworn translator?

No. The full list of sworn translators can be found on the website of the Board of Trade (Junta Comercial) of the respective Brazilian State. If you need help with finding this list, please ask me!

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